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Prize(s) Winners in OLEDs
Company Archilume
Lead Designers Saleem Khattak
Photo Credits Eduardo Rosales
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Entry Description

Ovolo is inspired by nature and derived from a bed of river rocks. Minimalist with an ultra-shallow, soft, organic form, Ovolo encompasses the idea of well-being. Calm, soothing and unencumbered. The quality of light mirrors the formal expression of the luminaire - soft, diffused, and comfortable. Ovolo offers a flattering naturally diffuse human-centric OLED light source that provides a soft yet bright full-spectrum illumination resulting in an artificial light that resembles daylight.

Fashioned from recyclable aircraft-grade machined aluminum, Ovolo is available in several anodized finishes including champagne, black, gold, and silver. The pendant is available with a dimmable 3-watt OLED light source with an output of 200 lumens, 3000K, 90 CRI, R9 >50. With a variety of ceiling canopy options, Ovolo can hang as a single element or be grouped to create an inspiring lighting installation on a grand scale in dining areas, lobbies and stairwells. The ultra-shallow form allows hanging the pendant at lower heights without compromising views, performance, or visibility.
Company Description

Archilume is a lighting design studio and manufacturer offering modern, energy-efficient LED luminaires for architecture and interior design. Founded by industrial designer Saleem Khattak in 2013, Archilume pioneered the application of the principle of total internal reflection optics in decorative LED lighting. Archilume’s unassuming simplicity masks a design vision that transforms energy-efficient lighting into sleek, statement making luminaires. The brand offers pendants, wall sconces, and feature chandeliers in a variety of customizable configurations.