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Prize(s) Winners in Linear Lighting Systems
Company A-Light
Lead Designers A-Light Design Team
Completion Date July 21, 2021
Project Location Oceanside, California
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Entry Description
With curved and softened design elements, Relay can be configured into diverse geometric patterns with a seamlessly lit shape. Corner options are available in 90° and 120° angles to enable the creation of diverse shapes. Experiment with dimensions or configure multiple shapes to create an entirely new form. Unique designs and custom colors can be developed in collaboration with A-Light’s Customer Care team.

The luminaire can be specified with direct or indirect illumination, or a combination of both. Relay’s direct lighting offers reduced glare, continuous illumination throughout the fixture, including corners. Indirect lighting features high-performance TIR optics for more controled and efficient light.

Additional flexibility is available with a tunable white option or dim to warm, with a range from 5000K to 2700K, creating white light that shifts seamlessly between color temperatures. Relay luminaires may also be enabled with the nLight® network control system to manage lighting throughout indoor spaces.

Acoustic panels may be added to the fixture in 30 colors to complement or accentuate an aesthetic, while absorbing ambient sound in a space.
Company Description
At A-Light, we are passionate about the relationship between form and light. We strive to understand lighting’s contribution to architectural design intent and to develop high quality, energy efficient products that provide flexibility to the designer. A-Light combines advanced optical engineering with a deep understanding of architectural lighting to develop products that integrate into any space. A-Light’s luminaires have been specified in tens of thousands of projects throughout North America and are known for high performance and a contemporary aesthetic that achieve balance, elegance and