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Prize(s) Winners in Flood, Façade and Sports Lighting
Company Meteor Lighting
Lead Designers METEOR
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Entry Description
The Reizen is a contemporary, indirect asymmetric luminaire, that integrates the latest in light shaping prismatic technology that offers smooth, uniform asymmetric distribution. It is available in both sconce and pendant forms, delivers up to 40,850 lm, and is rated for both outdoor and natatorium use.

The Reizen perfectly illuminates high ceiling spaces to emphasize its spatial structure, and a directional aiming of +/- 20° is standard in all Reizen configurations, offering flexibility in the field to adjust the direction of light. This luminaire is modular by design to match a wide range of lighting requirements. A single 150W light engine comes in a compact 13” x 9” in size, and the dual 300W light engine at 13” x 14”. This minimalist form factor can be paired with a field-replaceable visor option for a classic look and cuts off any glare from the occupant’s perspective.

For indoor applications that require sophisticated vertical illuminance, the Rise is also available in 3000K – 5000K Tunable White, delivering 11,750 lm to 13,900 lm, and W+RGB with a combined delivered lumen of 11,265 lm, giving a subtle, yet dramatic flair to your space.
Company Description
Meteor was founded in Industry, California in 2008 and our vision is to Inspire the Space Around Us. We do that through our product design philosophy which is “Pure Brilliance”. A motto that means we combine performance, aesthetics, and technology into all our products.