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Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
Company Alaq Illuminated Designs
Lead Designers Dania Khasawneh
Other Designer's names Rand Gharaibeh
Client Metaphorm - Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design Firm
Photo Credits Yazeed Malkawi
Completion Date October 2019
Project Location Amman, Jordan
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Entry Description

“RIDGE: The Woven Traces” is an accent light sculpture customized with pure geometry fit for the reception area of an architectural firm, establishing a new notion of large scale light sculptures.

Inspired by parametric architecture, this collective fluid form was created by the repetition of triangular shapes generated by simple mathematical tweaks. These laser-cut triangles were then hand assembled into place following a very specific pre-designated order.

Created using ALAQ's signature materials, clear acrylic with its mesmerizing lighting effects, black acrylic body on a wooden sub-frame, and LED lighting, making it lightweight and energy efficient.
Company Description

ALAQ is a Jordan based brand, specialized in the design, fabrication, and installation of illuminated artworks.
Each individual piece requires a great deal of research, development of very accurate and detailed drawings based on laws of light and physics, some trial and error, followed by a series of experiments to achieve the best results.
Adding elegant function to a sculpture, adding symbolism to design, and adding science to art. Each pattern is deliberate, accuracy is essential, and the experienced hand of an artisan is inescapable.