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Typology Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
Company Landscape Forms
Lead Designers Tobias Adami & Designworks, a BMW Group Company
Other Designer's names Brian Revoir & Kirt Martin
Photo Credits Bruce Racine & Pete McDaniel
Completion Date 3/25/21
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Entry Description
The Typology Collection is an innovative seating and lighting system that adds dynamic new dimension to any site, enveloping the visitor—both from above and below—in an immersive experience. Sculptural elements play in the vertical and horizontal planes, incorporating both light and shadow, to draw the eyes skyward then to the earth with signature design features.

Typology ring lights are seemingly levitating light fixtures with illumination reminiscent of the sun’s corona during an eclipse. Perched atop a steel mast, a circular strip of LEDs creates a solid ring of ambient light that is recognized instantly from almost a mile away. And when viewed from underneath, the luminaires are portals to the sky, pulling the gaze upward and accentuating a vertical urban landscape.

Typology stick lights break from lighting tradition such that the pole itself is one solid source of light. These vertical columns of warm white light stake claim to the site, creating prominent visual landmarks that draw people in to the site.

A concrete mantel encases the stainless steel core of the Typology path light to provide a premium feel, exceptional durability and strong continuity in design.
Company Description
Landscape Forms is the industry leader in integrated solutions of high-design site furniture, advanced LED lighting, structure, and custom environments. For more than 50 years we have developed and created solutions that help designers and other clients achieve beautiful, functional landscapes that enhance the experience of outdoor space. Our secret is simple. Design, Culture and Craft drive everything we do.