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Flask System

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
Lead Designers Edward Linacre
Photo Credits Kimberly Low, Kristoffer Paulsen, Sean Fennessy
Other Credits Some Flask projects made with Viktor Legin, Bar Tetto designed in collaboration with Chris Connell
Completion Date April 2020
Project Location Melbourne, Australia
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Entry Description
The Flask System is a highly modular and adaptable lighting system with the unique feature of a glass luminaire that is customisable in colour, size and shape. In response to increasing demand for bespoke lighting, we developed a lighting range based on its ability to be efficiently customised.

To tame the costly bespoke process, we developed a lighting system that allowed near limitless creative possibilities for our clients, whilst ensuring timely and affordable co-designed outcomes.

The Flask systems core innovation is the luminaire - or “Flask” - comprising a tempered glass outer vessel, an opal tube light diffuser, and the latest in dedicated LED technology. The luminaire is customisable, a novel feature in the lighting market. There are a magnitude of glass colours, sizes and profiles to choose from.

The Flasks are connected and powered by a small family of interconnecting components and tubular parts. This allows near limitless options of configuration and the ability to adapt lighting to the specific needs of a space.

Born through a user-centred strategy that encourages cross disciplinary collaboration, we believe the system has carved out a new product class.