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Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
Company LIGHTWELL, ACL. Aura Creative Lab, JYCStudio
Lead Designers Kou Tak-Leong, Jasmin Yi-Chu Shih
Completion Date 2020.05.10
Project Location No. 6-1, Ln. 20, Sec. 2, Jhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Entry Description
Regardless of day or night, light is the way people perceive the world.
"LIGHTZONE" is an artwork with the medium of dichroic acrylic sheet and stainless steel, installed in a four-story, renovated old apartment in Taipei. With a lightwell in the middle, daylight flows into every corner of the building through the design of its openings on the façade. The cascading structure of "LIGHTZONE" responds to the stairs and vertical flow of the building.
Through the optical characteristics of the Dichroic Film and Optical Acrylic, visitors perceive different colors of "LIGHTZONE" as moving between different positions in the building. When viewed from the bottom up, "LIGHTZONE" has a blue-purple hue that extends into the sky. As visitors move slowly to the upper floor, "LIGHTZONE" gradually changes into warmer colors like yellow and red. After sunset, the kinetic lighting devices on either side of "LIGHTZONE" will be lighted up, slowly moving up and down, creating dramatic shifts in light and shadow in the space. The light perception from "LIGHTZONE" is ever changing as daylight, artificial light, times, weathers, spaces result in different reflections and refractions.
Company Description
Located in the vibrant city center of Taipei, LIGHTWELL is the first concept store to present a creative expressive pairing of a fashion select store and a contemporary art exhibition space in Taiwan. LIGHTWELL aims to continue the ongoing dialogue among art, architecture, and fashion through international and local bridges, and most importantly to cultivate a deeper appreciation and immersive experience of fashion, art, and culture in everyone’s daily lives.