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Lux Progressio

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
Company Andra Munro Design Ltd
Lead Designers Andra Munro
Client Karen & Chris Spragg
Photo Credits Andra Munro
Completion Date April 2021
Project Location Staffordshire, UK
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Entry Description

Lux Progressio (Latin for Light Evolution) forms a stunning bespoke ceiling lighting that can be adapted to any luxury home. It spans some 9 square meters and it’s made up of over 3500 handcrafted textured porcelain pieces.
Housed within the piece is a LED light source that defuses as it passes through the translucent textured porcelain, breathing life throughout the breadth of the piece, giving it a somewhat living appearance.
It has an intricate organic form, appearing like it’s growing and spreading up onto the ceiling. This is surfaced with textured porcelain inspired by tree barks and leaves, the clients’ everyday inspiration from their local surroundings.

A connection between the client and their ceiling lighting has been established from the very beginning that will stand the test of time not only through the lifetime warranty of the product but through this unique emotional relation.

This is a lighting system with durable materials like aluminium mesh, porcelain, stainless steel & steel. The porcelain pieces have been irregularly cut hence no waste in creation of the forms. The steel structure is handcrafted by local blacksmith aiding a trade that is declining.
Company Description

We specialise in an emotional approach to lighting. Handcrafted in Staffordshire, UK we create fascinating lighting installations, constructed with porcelain. Each piece of porcelain is individually hand built with intricate textures. Large wall or ceiling installations can be constructed with hundreds of porcelain pieces. We also create suspension lighting, small chandeliers and wall light shades. We created a great system for truly bespoke porcelain and light that allows us to specifically create unique lighting for each design concept. A system that never fails in life and time.