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PLB Series

Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lighting / Solar Lighting
Company First Light Technologies LTD
Lead Designers Sean Bourquin
Other Designer's names Brock Johnston, Andrew Gillan, Doug Leverton, Jason Kereluk, Simon Park
Completion Date May.12, 2021
Project Location Victoria, BC
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Entry Description

The newly revamped PLB is purpose driven lighting. Offering asymmetrical and symmetrical, Dark Sky compliant optics the PLB amply illuminates while minimizing light trespass, making it perfect for pathway and area applications. Combined with a contemporary style and a TGIC powder coat finishing, the PLB offers alluring lighting aesthetics, as well as outstanding durability from its marine grade corrosion resistant aluminum housing.

The solar product integrates autonomous, self-learning technology to optimize lighting performance and reliability for all conditions. The AC product provides peak performance, consuming 30% less energy than comparable products, while maintaining high system efficacy and output.

Excellent uniformity and light distribution allows for 50 -100% greater spacing than our competitors, combined with high efficiency and low unit costs make the PLB high quality cost-effective lighting.

For traditional grid-based lighting the PLB-AC offers industry leading performance and style. For an off-the-grid experience with no wires whatsoever, the PLB Solar has exceptional lighting performance design and reliability, making it cutting-edge sustainable outdoor lighting.
Company Description

First Light Technologies’ mission is to help create better outdoor spaces through our high-performance, sustainable, outdoor lighting. First Light designs and manufactures solar-powered luminaires and solar and AC-powered bollards. At First Light we work relentlessly to improve the performance, design, and simplicity of our lights so that they are the most cost effective, easy to install, stylish, robust and reliable option. With over a 100+ years of combined solar experience, and 30,000+ lights manufactured and shipped, First Light is driving the potential of outdoor lighting.