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Prize(s) Winners in Portable Lamps
Company Kovac Design Studio
Lead Designers Michael Kovac
Photo Credits Lars Frazer
Completion Date 8/1/21
Project Location Los Angeles, California USA
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Entry Description

When off, Spot masquerades as a playful design object. When on, it transforms into a portable sculptural light powered by a rechargeable LED bulb that provides soft yet targeted illumination. Born from the desire to create a flexible lighting solution that adapts to the user’s needs, Spot’s cordless, compact form, rechargeability, and curved feet reminiscent of space age design allows for an endless array of arrangements whether attached to the wall, on the shelf, or in motion. Materially, the soft-touch plastic texture and finishing of Spot allows for a pleasant tactile user experience that is also technically and economically realistic to develop and market on a large scale while remaining sensitive to environmental impact. Spot also comes in clever packaging that underscores the design inspiration for the form, providing the user a sense of enjoyment from the very moment it is first seen and brought home.