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City hall Turkestan region

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Led Innovations
Lead Designers Yerlan Zhanibekov
Architecture Company An innovative construction holding BI Group
Interior Design Company N\A
Client An innovative construction holding BI Group
Photo Credits Photographed by Azamat Kapsatarov, designer of architectural lighting at LLP Led Innovations
Other Credits Aizhan Serikova
Completion Date 03.03.2020
Project Location Nur-Sultan
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Entry Description
Design concept: our main task was to highlight the decorative panel of the facade using a special collaboration of light and shadow. In order to highlight the patterned facade, the designer’s solution was to use RGB led lights that have ability to gain various colorful effects as well as linear lamps with high power and abundant light flow in three levels. As a result, we managed to achieve the effect of "waterfall" that brings the building a bright and spectacular appearance. A distinctive feature of the building was the facade decorated with patterned paintings. Before developing the concept, we had to take into account several specific points:A small distance between the wall and the panel with patterns; Special places for fixing lamps; Fragility of the structure.
The building of the City hall of Turkestan region is a perfect example of a harmonious combination of historical motifs and modern architectural solutions. Its bright and unusual lighting design attracts the attention of every passerby, causing sincere admiration. The professional execution of a unique design concept gives the structure a special aesthetic and incredible charm in the dark.