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The complex of Song Ceramics Cultural Center

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Ning Field Lighting Design
Lead Designers Dongning Wang
Other Designer's names Jincang Yu, Cheng Zhang, Lihua Zhou, Jinlong Liang
Architecture Company CADG
Photo Credits Guangyuan Zhang, Ji Li, Fan Gao
Project Location Suining, Sichuan
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Entry Description

Architects have craftily harmonized various unit buildings into a cultural complex, which naturally forms the city’s new urban room, a public space for city dwellers to enjoy. The roofs of each building are well connected with green fitness paths, where people can take a walk and have a panoramic view of the city.

The urban living room is illuminated with diversified arrangement of lighting at night.

Given the open and spacious view along the river, the lighting is unfolded horizontally along the eaves and big roof to demonstrate the vitality of the river water with rhythmed and linear illumination.

Priority is given to emphasize the cultural attributes in lighting for the architectures along the streets.

The entrance to the Science and Technology Museum employees blue lighting, which undergoes multiple reflections through mirrors and glasses to create an infinite vision of the world.

The facade of the Song Ceramics Museum adopts grazing light to display its minute details while its gentle texture is also brought out through lighting, echoing with the amazing beauty of the treasure exhibits of the Song Ceramics.
Company Description

Ning Field Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
United Artists Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
Professional Member of IALD
Member of IESNA;
Member of China Illuminating Engineering Society;
Member of Interior Lighting Committee;
China Arts Architecture Design & Research Institute: VP and Director of Lighting Design Research Center;
Architecture and Culture Society of China: Director of Lighting Art Committe
Executive Manager of 3rd Administrative Council;