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Historical Tabriz Municipality Palace (also known as Sa'at Tower or Kakh-e Shahrdari)

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Lead Designers Roya Eivazi
Other Designer's names Mohsen Eivazi
Client Tabriz Municipality
Completion Date 2018
Project Location Tabriz-Iran
Entry Description
Tabriz Municipality Palace belongs to the first municipality of Iran.
The lighting project was designed very carefully to create a beautiful visual effect that is suitable for the building at night and protects the beauty of the facade for daily tourist visits.
In order to remove the visibility of equipment, maintain the beauty of the facade, and concealing the cabling, joints, and branches of the drains in the daytime, all the observable cables were covered with a special cement composition and painted in the same color of the wall.
On the other hand, to prevent the building from any damage all of the designing stages were carried out under the expert's supervision from the East Azerbaijan cultural heritage department. To protect the historical identity, using dynamic lights was avoided and fixed lights were preferred to use for the night. The other important point, this palace is one of the popular historical places in Tabriz and it has daily tourist visitors so in order to be more aesthetic during equipment assembling for achieving to high points of the building scaffold using was avoided, and all equipment installed with the rappel method by using the ropes and expert team.
Company Description
Ilkin Sanat company is the host of mega outdoor lighting projects located in Iran from A to Z. Each phase of designing is enhanced by engineers and technical experts in lighting equipment. Our company especially is experts in outdoor lighting designing and manufacturing of the projector and LED Wallwasher.