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Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Electrolight
Lead Designers Donn Salisbury & Catriona Venn
Architecture Company Fabritecture
Client Scentre Group
Project Location Brisbane, Australia
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Entry Description

The recent refurbishment of Chermside has seen this popular shopping-centre become one of Australia’s largest. At it’s heart is Town Square, a new open-air shopping and dining precinct offering guests entertainment and relaxation for a complete experience.

The aptly named ‘Urchin’ shade structure bridges the junction between Town Square and the two primary malls, forming a place for events or meeting friends. Inspired by the Urchin’s organic form, the lighting design concept was to create a heart to the centre which encouraged guests to stop and immerse themselves in an interpretive and ethereal show of light, colour and movement.

The lighting concept suggested the faceted panels emulate digital pixels in order to craft low-resolution abstract imagery, generating an expansive illuminated 3-dimensional canvas. These graphics would be true to the structural form of the dome, left deliberately abstract to allow personal interpretation as part of an immersive and meditative experience.

The lighting initiates 15 minutes prior to dusk and once the sun disappears, a series of scenes are triggered with ‘peaks’ of activity each 15 minutes, as well as a crescendo at the