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Residential Complex Saga City Space

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Architecture Company Drozdov & Partners
Client SAGA Development
Completion Date October 2020
Project Location Kyiv, Ukraine
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Entry Description

The building is located in the historical area of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The ethical integration of a modern building into a historical site was a great responsibility, as well as the lighting of the building.
We created an expressive and balanced light image in a line of historical buildings using no more than 40% brightness of the light sources. Besides, as night falls, the lighting can be even more dimmed.
Brick is a traditionally dense and rough material, but here it is of a non-standard white shade and laid in an openwork perforated masonry.
The openwork brick facade looks like a white lace fabric, for which we have developed a special lighting scheme with a different planning. The light turns it into an airy-fairy veil. Soft, subdued light fills the fa├žade from inside, while its openwork part comes to the foreground due to sliding outdoor lighting. The rhythm of the inner window openings does not coincide with the outer ones' rhythm, so we reveal the hidden elements with an inner light.
The light sources are tactfully integrated into the architecture and illuminate the fa├žade with dim grazing light. We also pursued an essential goal to provide comfort for both passers-
Company Description

The lighting company with 19 years of lighting experience
Professionals with MA in Lighting Design
We provide a full range of quality services in the sphere of lighting, taking care of all the research and development, providing customers with aesthetically pleasing and optimal solutions.

Our experience is more than 1500 large- and medium-scale completed projects, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The public facilities that we work with become pearls of cities, while private houses and apartments are the pride of their owners.