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Yangfushan Demonstration Area

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company FangFang STUDIO
Lead Designers Fang Fang
Other Designer's names Yi Zonghui
Architecture Company Sunac
Interior Design Company Sunac
Client Sunac
Completion Date 2021.6
Project Location Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Entry Description

The overall design style of the building is characterized by the combination of straight line and curve, folding and adding. Under the cage cover of the large roof inside and outside the building, its style has the form of continuous growth outward, enjoying the interior from the outside and looking at the exterior from the inside. The overall lighting design strengthens the building outline, highlights the building structure, creates the building dynamic landscape, and integrates the indoor and outdoor light environment. The unique light texture of perforated panel curtain wall skin; Materials and lights overlap each other to create a rich tone; The decorative lighting of the empty area is the combination of interest and decoration; The external lighting of the building focuses on the integration and connection with the indoor light environment effect, and the coordination with the landscape lighting elements.