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Canalejas Center Madrid

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Anoche Iluminación Arquitectónica
Lead Designers Jordi Ballesta, Chiara Torri and Márika Palazzo
Architecture Company Estudio Lamela
Interior Design Company BAMO, BG Arquitectura
Client CMC
Photo Credits Miguel de Guzmán
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Madrid, Spain
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Entry Description

Situated in the center of Madrid the cultural heritage landmark facades of the seven buildings that compose the Canalejas Centre including the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, has undergone an absolute renovation, keeping only the historical facades and rebuilding completely all the interiors bringing them in a single one.
The seven building are formed by ten facades built at different times from 1882 to 1974 with different styles and unique elements. The intention was to establish a unifying criterion without losing the unique characteristics of each facade therefore a comprehensive lighting scheme covering all 10 facades identifies and celebrates a vertical rhythm drawing all facades together into a recognizable identity. A harmonic composition is achieved by lighting only the main axes and punctually lit all the architectural elements that singles out each facade. An accurate work of selecting small size luminaires and tailor- made shielding elements was carefully done. Fine-tuning light levels reducing energy consumption and light pollution is always a requirement in all projects.
From a distance the building is softly and evenly lit, while on approach captivates with its details.