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Madison Business Center

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Client Vertex Group
Photo Credits Savchenko Yevhenii, Melnikov Oleh
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Dnipro, Ukraine
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Entry Description

Madison Business Center is a reconstructed building in the center of the city of over one million inhabitants.
The architectural concept is based on the combination of a historical facade part and a modern glass one. Having preserved the old brick facade, the building was enlarged with a laconic glass extension.
With light, we have revealed the brick texture and the mirror-like ephemerality of the glass.
All backlighting is made in a single warm color temperature. At the same time, we chose different lighting for different types of facades: a solid glass facade is drawn with thin light beams that emphasize the verticals, and a brick fragment is illuminated with lamps with wider optics, flooding entire wall elements with light.
The brick is accentuated by warm glancing light. The light does not hide all the cracks and chips of the old facade; on the contrary, it emphasizes its historical authenticity.
Contrastingly and gracefully, with the help of compact lamps with one-degree optics, the window imposts of the facade were emphasized with light, thereby revealing the glass.
The light highlighted the beautiful shape of the circular arch of the entrance and accentuated it on the facade
Company Description

The lighting company with 19 years of lighting experience
Professionals with MA in Lighting Design
We provide a full range of quality services in the sphere of lighting, taking care of all the research and development, providing customers with aesthetically pleasing and optimal solutions.

Our experience is more than 1500 large- and medium-scale completed projects, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The public facilities that we work with become pearls of cities, while private houses and apartments are the pride of their owners.