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Tana Bridge

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company ZENISK
Lead Designers Kristin Bredal
Other Designer's names Bao An Pham, Stian Lindquist, Lars Grieg Hermansen, Stefan Maassen
Architecture Company Veidirektoratet, SVV v/ Erik Axel Haagensen, Norconsult
Client Statens Vegvesen
Completion Date autumn 2020
Project Location Tana, Finnmark, Norway
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Entry Description
Located way above the arctic circle, this is one of the worlds most remote inhabited regions. Temperatures in Tana drop below -30C in winter, and the sun disappears for 2 months every year.

The local residents, have a special connection to the northern lights, deeply rooted in the past and their culture, as well as it also being a huge tourist attraction.

The new Tana Bridge is a 200m long structure linking traffic arteries of the region between Norway, Finland and Russia.

The brief for the lighting concept is to achieve local and national pride, by creating an internationally recognized landmark.

Array of linear RGB luminaires is mounted on both sides of the bridge, concealed in the handrail.

The lighting is dynamic, but slow moving and changing colors. The bridge switches off late at night, in daylight and when northern lights occur. Light is subdued during dark time with effects running 2 min every whole hour.

Tana Bridge’s lighting aims to strengthen proudness and belonging to the residents by celebrating their culture and natural environment. Furthermore, it aims to create a destination and give a memorable experience to the visitors that will drive through.