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Rizhao Science Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Ning Field Lighting Design
Lead Designers Dongning Wang
Other Designer's names Jincang Yu, Wenfei Du, Jinlong Liang, Kun Teng,
Architecture Company CADG
Photo Credits Li Zhou, Guangyuan Zhang, Ji Li
Entry Description

Rizhao is the hometown of Samuel Chao Chung Ting, a Nobel laureate in physics. Rizhao Science Museum is a tribute to Mr. Ting pioneering work in discovery of a heavy elementary particle of a new kind. By Exhibition of Mr. Ting’s experimental work, the museum is hoped to awaken the interest of students discovering the unknown world.

The landscape and architectural design are inspired by “Black Hole” and “Starry Sky” in the universe.

The architect wanted to reduce the physicality of the building through the light structure and the selection of reflective materials, creating a cosmic nebula-like image against the seaside night sky.

The ceiling of the façade ramps and the exterior wall of the building are made of reflective metal. By reflecting the surrounding light environment, the boundary between the top and wall is blurred, and the sense of architectural entity disappears at night.

Exterior flexible strands of high-intensity nodes with intelligent RGB light were deployed in the ceiling of ramps by two light directions: upward and downward, which. are used for extraordinary effects controlled through DMX to create diversified scenarios.

Company Description

Ning Field Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
United Artists Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
Professional Member of IALD
Member of IESNA;
Member of China Illuminating Engineering Society;
Member of Interior Lighting Committee;
China Arts Architecture Design & Research Institute: VP and Director of Lighting Design Research Center;
Architecture and Culture Society of China: Director of Lighting Art Committe
Executive Manager of 3rd Administrative Council;