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Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum Lighting Design

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company brandston partnership inc
Lead Designers Thomas Lee
Other Designer's names Lancy Chen, Summer Kang, Peter Chen, Elivin Bae, Zhenyu Geng, Haorui Pan
Entry Description
Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum located in Yabuli, a small town at the end of northeast China, where the snow-capped mountains stretch.
Every year, in addition to endless skiers, the entrepreneur Forum attracts the attention of the world.
The natural pure white building stands at the foot of the snow mountain, surrounded by virgin forest and snow field. The enormous roof disappears in the original snow land, far away from the bustling and noisy city, but flashing the atmosphere of the north ice and snow world.
The lighting design is inspired by the twilight and dawn light of the boundless snow field, giving people infinite tension and flow sense.
It also comes from the brightly lit tents surrounded by the snow, giving people warmth and hope, symbolizing the wisdom and unity of the entrepreneur group and conveying the spiritual connotation of the architecture and project.
We use the simple method to brush light over the roof,
Just as there was a rising sun passing through the layers of nature,
create a delicate and flexible posture of snowbank.