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Dongpo Pavilion

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Eastco Lighting Design
Lead Designers Zhen Yuan
Other Designer's names Chen Luo
Architecture Company GOA
Client Yixing Yada Development Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits Eastco Lighting Design
Completion Date 07.2020
Project Location Yixing Jiangsu
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Entry Description

As the iconic building in town, Dongpo Pavilion was built along the undulating mountains. This ancient and typical Chinese pavilion is perfectly immersed in the natural landscape of Yangxian by hiding itself into the hills and forest. The facade lighting is dancing with the shape of the mountains and its own architectural features to achieve a more integrated design, which is also becoming part of the overall Yiyang Town lighting environment.As one of the most important features in ancient Chinese architecture, the Cornice is one of the highlights to present in this project. With the lighting design for the Cornices, not only the building itself becomes more dynamic, but also the crown seems to be lifted up into the night sky. Being in a very cozy lighting atmosphere, all the architectural details are perfectly presented.Regarding the lighting for the whole building complex, the interlace and balance of light and shadow are fully considered to create an atmosphere of harmony between the brightness and the night sky. In this harmony, the culture and natural of the historic buildings are resonated with the spirit of tourists, who will be spiritually connected with ancient people
Company Description

Established in 2013,Eastco Illuminating Design (Shanghai) co., LTD. has a professional Illuminating design team familiar with visual arts, architectural lighting design, landscape design, indoor lighting design and electrical design.