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Leopold Mozart Center - Faculty of Music, University of Augsburg

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company d-lightvision - Lighting Design/ Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Erwin Döring
Other Designer's names Dagmar Consolati (Architect)
Architecture Company Architekt J. Knoche, Leipzig Projektleiter Chr. Jopp
Interior Design Company ------------------
Client AGS Augsburger Gesellschaft für Stadtentwicklung, Augsburg
Photo Credits Thomas Dix, D-79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen
Completion Date Juni 2021
Project Location D-86150 Augsburg, Grottenau 1
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Entry Description

The building, built in 1905 in neo-baroque style, was a post center until 2014 before it was handed over to the Faculty of Music of the University of Augsburg in 2021 under the name Leopold Mozart Center after a 4-year reconstruction.

Light stages the room, light creates acceptance. This is how the new lighting concept for the concert hall should be described. The room fascinates by its structure and openness. It provides insights and views. Its materiality is readable and allows for self-interpretation. In order not to disturb the atmosphere of the room, the lights are placed outside. Just as daylight enters the room through the room-spanning glass roof, artificial light takes over this part at night. The room remains free of luminaires. The vertical room structure fascinates with the texture of natural stone. The light -integrated in the acoustic reflector- draws soft wall gradients, with an optimal color saturation. The light color as an indicator of room acceptance.
The light in the Cassette Hall, a room for lectures and exercises, serves for inspiration and relaxation.
The depth of the design can be found in all levels of the project such as corridors, staircases, common room