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Age House Bar

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company YAANK Lighting Design
Lead Designers Ke Yang
Completion Date July 2021
Project Location Hangzhou, China
Entry Description

The lighting is meticulously integrated into the architectural and installation modelling structure. The main activity area of the first floor is surrounded the core bar area, the metal iron wine cabinet display rack and the ceiling shape are cleverly connected together. By carrying decorative lighting makes the regional space full of playfulness. A backlight strip is used to depict the shape of the entire wine cabinet from ceiling, allowing the entire shape to separate from the wall, adding a sense of floating and lightness to the entire shape; meanwhile, on the bottom of each wine use a single LED dot to light up the bottle of wine which shows the transparency and colour of the glass bottle.
The mild lighting combines the black metal material is ingeniously integrated. The bar counter uses the combination of light bars and structural light to create decorative and practical lighting effects. The lamps and metal finishes hidden in the details connect each space in series, integrating light into the details of the project, making light and architectural aesthetics inseparable. Taking a glass of wine, and the wine makes a dream. In the dream, there may be childhood memories.