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Chang Chun Teng Sales Gallery, Chongqing

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Glint Lighting Design
Lead Designers Peggy Tan, Raymond Lim, Chayot Kiranantawat
Architecture Company Formwerkz Architects
Interior Design Company Studio iF
Client Seedland Real Estate Development, China
Photo Credits Seedland Real Estate Development, Here Space Photography
Other Credits Afternaut
Completion Date 30 July 2020
Project Location Chongqing, China
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Entry Description
The lighting team created an atmosphere of purity and contemplation for this sales gallery showcasing smart living. Echoing the high-tech theme, the lighting approach pursued the seamless integration of lighting into the environment.

The interior design expresses purity and cleanliness, with a predominantly white material palette as well as minimalistic styling. The lighting concept amplifies this concept. Solutions include large luminous surfaces to provide diffused ambient lighting, special details which allow downlights to be softly ‘moulded’ into ceilings for visual softness and sleek linear lights delineating key elements such as feature walls and the iconic spiral staircase.

A dimming system with scenes setting in important areas was catered for a good contrast ratio for daytime operations, while maintaining a stringent power density, as the sales gallery operates mostly in the day. All lights were sourced locally to meet the tight schedule while high lighting performance was secured as designed. Issues of reflected glare on LED displays were considered in the luminaire selection and placement, resulting in calm spaces that contrast with extensive dynamic displays.
Company Description
Glint Lighting Design was founded in 2019 under a design collective which includes architecture, interior design and branding.

We believe that with the right lighting, the ordinary can become extraordinary.

Glint currently serves clients based in Singapore as well as overseas. Our projects include hospitality, F&B, private residences, retail and sales galleries.