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Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guojian Hu
Other Designer's names Tianmeng Du
Client Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Completion Date 2021.6
Project Location Shanghai
Entry Description
The exhibition in Shanghai Astronomy Museum is divided into three areas:“Homeland”,“Universe”and“Journey”.The lighting uses the separation effect of"black space"to blur the boundary of the space;it uses the contrast of color temperature and brightness to guide the circulation and express the spatial sequence;it uses the accent light to create the visual focus,and the background light to create the environmental atmosphere.The graphic content is expected to create a comfortable reading experience, but the exhibits are not. Especially for the exhibits suspended in the starry sky, such as aircraft, it is hoped to break through the limitation of environmental brightness with higher contrast and stand out, and create a dramatic conflict. The lighting of the aircraft is a difficult point in implementation. It is necessary to focus on lighting and not produce shadows to destroy the starry sky. In the end, the lighting filters are adjusted in slices. The light is only irradiated on the aircraft without overflow, and the shadow-free lighting effect is further enhanced the concept of "emptiness" in the vastness of the universe.
Company Description
RDesign International Lighting is a global leading creative architectural consultancy company, founded in 2012 and has offices in Shanghai, Hong kong and New York. The completed projects by team were often honored internationally each year.
We provide lighting design services for projects in various fields, such as overall urban planning, high-rise complex building development, and customized art installation for transportation hubs, hotels and exhibitions.