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Floating Art Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Beijing Bamboo Lighting Design
Lead Designers Lili Zhou&Wanjun Bai
Other Designer's names Chongwen Ma& Mengxia He
Interior Design Company Yu Studio
Client Wuhan United Investments and Properties Co.,LTD
Photo Credits Ting Wang
Completion Date 6 months
Project Location Wuhan,Hubei,China
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Entry Description
The power of tranquillity
From the moment of entering the space, everything becomes quiet. People's sight follows the guidance of light. The space sequence combined with minimalist lighting exudes a strong sense of ritual. Light and space coexist, conveying an invisible sense of power. "Floating Life" suddenly appears in front of our eyes.
Company Description
Founded in 2002, Beijing Bamboo Lighting Design Co., Ltd. is one of the first local lighting design companies in China.
The company by the design professional experience more than ten years of designers (IALD) as a project design, with a number of famous architects at home and abroad, interior designers, landscape designers to complete some classic projects.For example, Beijing Planetarium, Beijing Rongke Property Office Building, Beijing Lihua Center, No. 9 Beihu Building and other architectural lighting projects, as well as Shanghai Wanke Fifth Park, Chongqing Yunhui Club, Vanyue Internati