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Yango Tanyue MOMA Mansion - Sales Gallery

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Lighting Design Atelier
Lead Designers Ting Yu Ng
Client GVL Design Group
Completion Date December 2020
Project Location Guangzhou China
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Entry Description

This project boasts an open concept as every space is designed for different functionality, combined with comfort and mood. Public walkway areas such as the entrance foyer, 2nd entry hall and staircase area are filled out with well-defined lightings to bring out the linear and fresh atmosphere. Using mainly practical lightings such as downlight, recess linear and LED strips helps create inviting illumination and enhance the quality finishes of the furniture. While the rest of the private areas such as dining room, corridor and bar area uses spotlight and wall backlit lighting to give the spaces a warm touch, making the entire space less intimidating, but elegant and cosy.