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Mei Li Zhou Church

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company brandston partnership inc
Lead Designers Xin Tian, Chao Chen, Mingqing Han, Yue Zhang
Other Designer's names Yishu Wan, TaoFeng, Wudi Yang
Entry Description
Mei Li Zhou Church is located in the Hangzhou Liangzhu Cultural Village. The architect chose pine wood and concrete as the structure to make the building concealed in the surrounding forest and back to the original nature.
TIME: In order to balance the brightness of the interior space, the façade at the end of the entrance can adjust the atomization ratio of the switchable glass base on the intensity of outdoor sunlight during the day. As night falls, the switchable glass gradually becomes fully atomization. The spotlights in the backyard simulates natural light to supplement interior light and illuminate the cross structure to form a silhouette.
SCENE: The floodlights are hidden at the end of the sloped roof on both sides. The lights precisely crosswise light up the roof on the faraway opposite side through light with 30° beam angle, and the light fades from the spire to the ends of both sides.
SPIRIT: When believers walk to the church. When they turned around after praying, they would be surprised to find that the pine wood structure has become a self-illuminating cross with a wood grain finish. The bright cross implies the eternity and purity after prayer.