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Floating City

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company Nipek
Lead Designers Shigeki Fujii
Other Designer's names Natsuko Ueda, Sanny Yuwono, Takahisa Yamaguchi
Interior Design Company Knots
Client National Gallery Singapore
Photo Credits Fabian Ong
Other Credits Show Company (Light Supplier)
Completion Date 11 January 2020
Project Location National Gallery Singapore
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Entry Description

Inspired by the book “Invisible Cities”, this installation visualises a dream-like figure of a city. Floating City comprises of 27 towers suspended at different heights in a 20-meter high atrium, resembling skyscrapers. Layers of plywood frame with geometric patterns float amidst the main volume of the tower composed of string arrangements: straight & crisscrossing. This composition makes the appearance of the towers vary with different viewing angles, appearing more or less see-through as visitors move around the installation. At level 3 bridge, the installation creates a dreamy envelope as visitors walk through the clusters of towers. Each tower is lit by DMX-controlled RGBW Spotlights which are mounted at the bottom of each tower making the tower glow. Six towers have spotlights mounted at the top shooting down to create pools of light and shadow projections on the floor. The spotlights' color output, beam angle, intensity, tilt & direction are pre-programmed to give a 6-minute light show. During performances, they are controlled manually in accordance with the music. The scale of the towers & how they are lit transforms a formal architecture into an intimate & lively space.
Company Description

Nipek is a specialized lighting design studio with offices in Singapore and Sapporo focusing on high-profile projects in the three main fields, Architecture+Environment, Hospitality, and Art.
Creativity and attention to detail are the key strengths of the studio, and its elegant and timeless lighting design works achieved by their sensitive approach to light and darkness have been appreciated by the top property developers, designers, and architects from across the globe.