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Post-industrial art installation Dnipro Light Flowers

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Photo Credits Savchenko Yevhenii, Melnikov Oleh
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Entry Description
Our team has developed a concept and implemented a large-scale post-industrial installation. Light and lasers turned abandoned factory chimneys into luminous flowers as a symbol of the new strategy of Dnipro’s transition from an industrial center to a high-tech city.
We revitalized and connected 5 plant chimneys; later, the number will grow up to 13 of them, covering the distance of 7 km. 2,500 pixel lights cover the pipes, and 60W lasers are installed on top. Their color scale and dynamics can be programmed depending on events and holidays.Light, lasers, and sound on the observation platforms we equipped are launched simultaneously in real-time through the sophisticated software we developed for wireless synchronization across the river. This art installation has become a tourist attraction. Every evening, this amazing light of pixels pleases the eyes of the city residents. And twice a week, lasers and sound are turned on and attract tourists to our city.
We created an application with which everyone can carry out an individual launch of a laser flower if they donate to a charity fund by scanning a QR code.These launches will be spectacular and supportive for those in need of help
Company Description
The lighting company with 19 years of lighting experience
Professionals with MA in Lighting Design
We provide a full range of quality services in the sphere of lighting, taking care of all the research and development, providing customers with aesthetically pleasing and optimal solutions.

Our experience is more than 1500 large- and medium-scale completed projects, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The public facilities that we work with become pearls of cities, while private houses and apartments are the pride of their owners.