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Optimization of Aquatic Landscape in Yuejin Harbor

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company CosmoC design, Ltd.
Lead Designers Lin, Ching-Yu
Other Designer's names Huang, Kuo-Chan / Huang, Jie-Yu / Ho, Jr-Yuan / Huang, Chun-Yen / Niu, Yu-Pei
Architecture Company CNHW. INTERNATIONAL.
Client Tainan City Government
Photo Credits Yuchen Zao
Other Credits Urban Art Studio (Lighting Installation Curator), UxU studio ((Installation)
Completion Date 2021/02/01
Project Location Tainan City, Taiwan
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Entry Description
Among the eight bridges and the waterfront parks around Yuejin Harbor, four distinctive regions are centered on and highlighted—Light Sphere of Seasonal Changes, Glimmering Waterfront, Promenade along the Illuminated Hallway, and Mirrored Moon in the Water.

LED luminous efficacy is applied in the entire project. Besides being free from interferences of infrared and ultra-violet rays, decorated lamp poles in the aquatic parks in the entire area are installed in place of floodlight from regular lighthouse-style street lamps. A large number of low light fixtures are outfitted, which not merely reduces light pollution dissipating in the air but enhances illuminance on the ground. Light on the decorated lamp poles is projected onto tree crowns with moderate luminosity, accentuating the lush canopy of trees and redefining it. Double-circuit lighting control timers to maintain nocturnal ecology and a safe environment by keeping basic downward illuminance on until dawn.

With its illumination environment optimized, the Yuejin Harbor allows culture and nature to blend in harmony, making for lighting fun based on seasonal changes and distinctive tranquility and elegance in the night time.