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Lighting for Core Section of Zhoushan New Area

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Lead Designers Wang Xiaodong, Sun Guojun, Zhao Yanqiu, Feng Baile, Wu Xuhui
Client Zhoushan City Construction Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits Jia Fang
Project Location Zhoushan, China
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Entry Description

The project is located in Zhoushan City. Its sits in the core section of Lincheng New Area, which is between Dinghai District and Putuo District.
The lighting design focuses on endowing each single building with a unique identity while at the same time ensuring unity and integrity of the overall lighting effects for all buildings on the site. Based on the characteristics of single buildings, the design team mainly adopted spot lights as well as strip lights with point light sources, thereby creating distinctive yet unified and continuous lighting effects.
The buildings embrace mountains and water. The 16 public buildings including Yuanfeng Business Building, Newspaper Media Building, Radio & Television Building, etc. intertwine with residential buildings and adjoin waterscape, which allows for a broader view to the lighting. Taking architectural facades as the media, the lighting creates changes based on the varying heights of buildings, and generates undulating effects at nights. Lighting fixtures are flexibly installed according to the complicated and diversified curtain walls, to avoid affecting the aesthetic of the building facades in the daytime.