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Willing Warriors Retreat

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Enlightened Lighting, LLC
Lead Designers Patrick Harders
Client Willing Warriors
Photo Credits Dave Battle
Completion Date June 2021
Project Location Haymarket, VA USA
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Entry Description

Willing Warriors brings injured soldiers, typically from Walter Reed Hospital, to retreat with their family, allowing time to reconnect and recover. Many of the visiting soldiers suffer from PTSD and the lighting inside the retreat home would reflect off the glass and create an unsettling environment at night. Our goal was to break the plane of the glass and allow the soldiers to view the outside and into the woods. We also wanted to create a welcoming environment around the fire pit situated on the edge of the woods. This was created by installing 16 moonlight fixtures averaging 45’ in the trees shining on the pathways, fire pit, and smaller trees. We used 3000K, 40 degree, 7 watt, 92+ CRI. 9 flush well lights were used to uplight larger trees. Three fixtures were added around each large tree at 92 CRI, 1000 lumen, 40 degree, 13 watts each. In the smaller trees along the wood line, we used 7 watt, 40 degree, 92 CRI, single source LED. 25 trees were highlighted. 7 path lights illuminated two walkways. Two small downlights illuminated the deck stairs. The lighting created a relaxing setting for soldiers to reconnect with their families.
Company Description

Patrick Harders has been working in the landscape lighting industry for over 20 years, but his passion for outdoor lighting began unexpectedly. While studying Finance at UNC Charlotte, he took a part time job working 5 nights a week performing residential nighttime lighting designs. Once Patrick saw the transformation that proper lighting could make on a building and landscape, the rest was history. Today Patrick is a Class A Contractor, the President & Master Designer of Enlightened Lighting, and Co-Founder of Sterling Lighting, both located in Virginia.