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Chiayi Art Museum Lighting Design

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company GEI Lighting Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Chih Liang Liu
Architecture Company StudioBase Architects
Interior Design Company StudioBase Architects
Client Chiayi Art Museum
Photo Credits OS Studio / Rex Chu
Completion Date 07.11.2020
Project Location No.101, Guangning St., West Dist., Chiayi City, Taiwan
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Entry Description

Chiayi art museum located in Chiayi City and was established in 1936. The whole museum area includes 3 historic buildings: Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau Chiayi branch, wine warehouse (1954), and products warehouse of tobacco and wine (1980). In 2020, the place was rearranged as a municipal museum.

When it comes to lighting design, multilevel lighting poles can not only illuminate plantation and streets, but also can ensure the indirect illumination of the surroundings. The lighting is appropriate for bringing out the historic features of the buildings. The LED lighting set under the eaves provides 2700k illumination color temperature, which can also stress the surface of special building materials in early period.

Large area glass curtain is used to take advantages of nature light in daytime to weight the structure of wooden roof. At night, the in-house lighting will make an effect of internal light transmission which create a fascinating atmosphere. Over 1250 LED line tubes form continuous rays of lighting, which efficiently control cooling issue and provide the best lighting function through secondary reflection.
Company Description

Our aim to tailor to create different light arts space. Let the appearance of light, showing more diversified interpretation.

The team aesthetics of GEI. From planning and design, luminosity projection exercises until installation works.
Each partner is working on their duties. Complete the image of the spatial light integration.

We believe that, Light Art aesthetics, not just only the simple good-looking. The most important things are how to create the added value of more guidance, comfort, safety.