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Catharpin Estate

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Enlightened Lighting, LLC
Lead Designers Patrick Harders
Photo Credits Dave Battle
Completion Date June 2021
Project Location Catharpin, VA USA
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Entry Description

Creating the ultimate lighting design for this secluded backyard began by viewing the vantage point from where the client spent most evenings, the back deck and the glass-enclosed indoor pool. Soft moonlighting was added for the back property which gently slopes down to the gentle flow of Little Bull Run.
Down lighting was added to the picturesque seating area in the backyard, upon which we built layers of lighting.
We illuminated stately sycamores and oak trees to provide a beautiful wash of light in the canopy. Smaller dogwoods and redbud trees were lit to add brilliant color and the most important zone of lighting in direct line of sight.
We tied in lighting from the front property by moonlighting the front porch swing from a tree that was part of the backyard lighting system.
This project consisted of 53 moon lighting fixtures at 3000K, 92 CRI, 7 watt, 40 degree spread all set at a minimum of 50’. We used 35 up lights on larger trees with 92 CRI, 13 watt, 850 lumen, 40 degree spread. On the smaller trees we used 3-7 watt, 3000K, 92 CRI, 60 degree. Three path lights were added to illuminate the natural walkway to the natural seating area.
Company Description

Patrick Harders has been working in the landscape lighting industry for over 20 years, but his passion for outdoor lighting began unexpectedly. While studying Finance at UNC Charlotte, he took a part time job working 5 nights a week performing residential nighttime lighting designs. Once Patrick saw the transformation that proper lighting could make on a building and landscape, the rest was history. Today Patrick is a Class A Contractor, the President & Master Designer of Enlightened Lighting, and Co-Founder of Sterling Lighting, both located in Virginia.