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Varone Caves and Waterfalls

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company ArtecLightDesign s.r.l.
Lead Designers Daniele Canuti
Client Mr. Marcello Semeraro
Completion Date April 2019 - Currently under extension
Project Location Riva del Garda - Italy
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Entry Description

The Varone caves and waterfalls, inaugurated on1874, arise from a mountain gorge of the Tenno river, which has slowly carved its path into the heart of the mountain over the course of about 20,000 years
Today the caves enter 55m the lower part of the mountain, and 73m the upper part
The jump of the waterfalls reaches a total of 98m in height

In this project we made all the possible efforts to make the lighting bodies “invisible”, to make their effect almost “magical”, respecting the nature

In such a difficult context, with constant presence of water over irregular and huge surfaces, a very different modus operandi was necessary, as well as a rock climber

The hidden installation points are few and rather binding, therefore special optics have been calculated
The prevalent daytime use, with sunlight penetrating different areas of the caves, has made essential to use high power lamps

All the 89 LED lighting devices have variable and programmable colors and intensities, to make the perception of spaces, distances and shapes changeable over several programmed scenes, automatically fading over the day
The visitors increased by 40% already from the first months after installation
Company Description

ArtecLightDesign is a professional design and consulting studio, with headquarters in Bologna, but operating throughout Italy and abroad.
The work of the studio starts from the feasibility analysis, goes through various proposals for creative solutions, continues with the project management with installers and manufacturers, and ends with testing and final tuning.
The studio can rely on the collaboration of professionals with proven experience and trusted installers, coordinated by the owner of the studio, Daniele Canuti, with a long-standing professional background