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Illumination Optimization of Lun-Ping Cultural Landscape Park Pavilion

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company CosmoC design, Ltd.
Lead Designers Ching-Yu Lin
Other Designer's names Chu, Ying-Chuan Huang, Kuo-Chan Wu, Po-Cheng
Architecture Company Atelier Zo + W. J. Shyu Architects
Client Department of Urban Development, Taoyuan City Government
Photo Credits Atelier Zo in Taiwan, HSIAO,LI-HSUEH
Completion Date January/ 2021
Project Location Taoyuan
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Entry Description

Compared with daylighting illuminates the top of pavilion, electrical lighting paired with the wooden truss on inner side of the pavilion, linear LED luminaires are concealed above each beam. When projected upward, light accents the pavilion’s dome and goes along the veins. The light bounces off and with shadow shows the beauty of the hierarchy of the structure.
Through accurate calculation, two rows of ceiling downlights aiming downward are mounted on the side of two mid-ribs of the curved beam, providing basic illumination needs to ensure safety and comfort for nighttime activities.

On the pavilion’s three pivots—two edges of the leaf, its petiole at the end, as well as the pedestal fixed to the ground - are in-grade narrow beam angle uplighting at a slant, making the entire pavilion look rooted and stable while adding three-dimensionality to the pavilion’s base and enhancing illumination in the corners. The projected light soars up along the linear elements of the pavilion, as if rubbing a touch of light on its body.

The positions and projecting angles of the luminaires are specifically considered by field test, and anti-glare honeycomb mesh are fitted.
Company Description

CosmoC Lighting is an award winning architectural lighting design firm based in Taiwan.