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Singapore Pavilion, World Expo 2020

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting / Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Light Collab
Lead Designers Yah Li Toh
Other Designer's names Alanna Tan
Architecture Company WOHA Architects
Client Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore
Photo Credits Light Collab
Other Credits Salad Dressing Landscape
Completion Date 1 October 2021
Project Location Dubai, United Arab Emiraes
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Entry Description

A multi-disciplinary collaboration with architect, WOHA and landscape architect, Salad Dressing, the lighting concept by lighting designer, Light Collab supports the overall vision of the Singapore Pavilion. Visitors can embark on a journey up the ramp to enjoy the scenery of the rainforest with different experiences throughout the day. In the day, visitors will experience the feeling of entering a rainforest. At night, the intent is to evoke the spirit of the forest by revealing the particular spectrum of light which is specific for the growth of the plants. These particular segments of the spectrum are elevated, prior to being camouflaged in the daylight. The visitors will enter into an environment that encourages the regeneration of the forest.
Following the pathways meandering into nature, concealed lighting serves as guiding light, gentling illuminating the way forward. The layer of grow lights above the hanging gardens support the growth and doubles up as a layer for environmental lighting creating a layer of “sky”. Grow lights in narrow beams also support the growth of the nature on the cone