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Cycling Culture Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company IJL Lighting design
Lead Designers YI-CHEN ,LO
Completion Date 2020/9/1
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Entry Description

Light is a language, through which visitors can talk to the history and culture of cycling.The lighting design strives to create a subtle and restrained, yet prominent light environment.Lighting for museums should not only present the aesthetic characteristics of the building itself, but also to accent the artistic features of the exhibits. From the perspective of visitors, the key of lighting design is to use light to present the charm of exhibits and exhibition space.

The lighting is part of a conversation between the materials used in each space. We chose light fittings based on the characteristic of exhibits to perfectly fuse the lighting and exhibit design. The indirect light in the space provides visitors an elegant lighting atmosphere and improves the visual comfort significantly.By applying the combination of light and shadows, and the contrast of brightness and darkness, lighting creates layers of shadows and achieves the stereo feeling of the exhibits. By emphasizing the lighting atmosphere of design highlights, we used light with various brightness distribution to arouse visitors’ emotional feelings and achieve an attractive experience.
Company Description

IJL Lighting Design Company, at the establishment of 2013, is a professional consulting company specialized in light environment research, serving in many lighting professional fields such as architectural lighting design, indoor lighting design, landscape lighting design, urban lighting planning, etc., and providing professional light environment consulting services to customers.

IJL has always been based on the idea of creating a high-grade light environment and has won many international and domestic lighting design awards such as Taiwan Lighting Design Award and China Lighting.