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Prize(s) Winners in Daylighting
Company LIGHTWELL, JYCStudio, ACL. Aura Creative Lab
Lead Designers Jasmin Yi-Chu Shih, Kou Tak-Leong
Architecture Company JYCStudio
Interior Design Company JYCStudio
Photo Credits Dean Cheng, Lewis Lee
Other Credits LIGHTWELL
Completion Date 2021.05.10
Project Location No. 6-1, Ln. 20, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
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Entry Description

“24 FRAMES OF LIGHTWELL” is an experiential space bringing fashion, art, and nature together in a renovated 50-year-old “walkup apartment” in Taipei. The apartment was a typology during the 60s-80s that was usually enclosed by buildings on both sides and with openings only to the front and back, a lightwell in the middle, and a stair running through the entire building from its restriction of daylight and plan circulation. However, many building elements had been altered with time. With a rich history, not only does it offer solutions to an old apartment renovation through material selection and design operation with minimal environmental impacts, but the methods can be re-applied. The lightweight approach is applied to the entire structure for the creation of “24 frames” and includes reopening the lightwell to introduce daylight on to the ground floor, altering openings on the façade to create light and dark rooms, and replacing standardized windows with frames in a rhythmic design in response to various requirements. “24 frames” are designed as media to bring nature and daylight to the interior and magnify how visitors sense the surroundings, giving the old building a new life.
Company Description

Located in the vibrant city center of Taipei, LIGHTWELL is the first concept store to present a creative expressive pairing of a fashion select store and a contemporary art exhibition space in Taiwan. LIGHTWELL aims to continue the ongoing dialogue among art, architecture, and fashion through international and local bridges, and most importantly to cultivate a deeper appreciation and immersive experience of fashion, art, and culture in everyone’s daily lives.