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Planned Parenthood Diane L. Max Health Center

Prize(s) Winners in Healthcare Lighting
Company Cline Bettridge Bernstein
Lead Designers F. Bettridge, M. Salzberg, R. Gallo
Architecture Company Stephen Yablon Architecture
Client Planned Parenthood New York
Photo Credits Michael Moran/OTTO
Completion Date November 2016
Project Location Queens, NY, USA
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Entry Description
This project tells the story of a design makeover that turned a former storage warehouse into a modern, welcoming women’s health center. Our mandate was to create a lighting scheme that, despite a modest budget, would transcend an institutional design. Lighting was a central element of this transformation.
Using the building’s generous new windows as inspiration, the design calls upon coves and skylight-type fixtures in select spaces to amplify the sense of a light-filled setting. LED light coves in bold colors punctuate a pristine, white interior. These colorful elements work with signage and furnishings to support way-finding and spatial organization. The design embodies a youthful spirit, representative of the center’s clientele.
A thoughtful use of LED sources met the project’s budget while also achieving a 5% energy savings beyond the stringent limit of .90 Watts per square foot. Light, color, and architecture are woven together in an environment that is graceful, friendly, comfortable, and thoroughly contemporary. The organization’s president proclaimed the facility’s design their “North Star,” destined to guide and serve as a model for the future.