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Lighting Design of Taiyuan Ancient County

Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting
Company Beijing Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Lighting Institute Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Li Meng
Other Designer's names Zhou Xing, Chen Lixin, Yin Zhiyuan, Zhang Jufeng, Guo Jing
Client Taiyuan Longcheng Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Completion Date 2021/07/01
Project Location Taiyuan, Shanxi Province
Entry Description

Though Taiyuan is a tourist transition hub, its scenic spots are scattered and there is no lighting for night travel, making the city lack iconic cultural symbols at night. In view of this, the project for lighting design of Taiyuan Ancient County was launched, aiming to establish an integrated night travel system with combined effects.
Taiyuan Ancient County was built on the ruins of Jinyang Ancient City in the early Ming Dynasty. Started being constructed from 1375 A.D, it inherits the cultural context and history of Jinyang Ancient City. It occupies a land area of 0.8km² and a total building area of 77,000m². The enclosure walls of the ancient town respectively face east, south, west and north, with a total length of 3,700m.
The lighting design concept was based on three steps: first, to produce an attractive and unique visual effect; second, to create an experience with a sense of depth and integrate various operations; third, to strengthen brand operation and extend industries. The distinctive and differentiated lighting design created 3 distinct lighting shows, supported 6 types of operations and linked 5 interactive scenes, thereby bringing multi-dimensional experiences.