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Audrey Fashion Boutique

Prize(s) Winners in Fashion Lighting Design
Company YAANK Lighting Design
Lead Designers Ke Yang
Photo Credits Feng Shao
Completion Date March 2021
Project Location Hangzhou
Entry Description

AUDREY is a fashion boutique with a total area of 300sqm. The designer creates a space that can carry eternity and classics for customers.
The design of the window display on the first floor is inspired by the desert. In the past, business travellers in the desert were sheltered by these huge rocky mountains in the desert, thus forming a fixed trade route and laying the foundation for export trade. It was on this route that Chinese silk was also famous all over the world.
As soon as the customers step into AUDREY, they will be attracted by a huge shimmering "pink diamond". The diamond symbolizes eternity, representing perseverance and purity; pink symbolizes women, representing elegance and noble demeanor. The "pink diamond" is composed of DMX512 RGBW arrayed dots lighting source and acrylic. The DMX control mode realizes the flexible change of lighting atmosphere. The acrylic shell has a quality of light transmittance which can reach more than 92% lighting.

The arc-shaped sofa in the lounge area, coupled with retro table lamps, seems to be back to the modern era. The soft fabrics, retro wood, and warm lighting alleviate the cold and hard feeling brought by concrete and metal.