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The Lingering Tannin

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting
Company Herzu Interior Design Co., Ltd, Fishbone Design Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Lead Designers Shu-Ching Tan, Wan-Yu Hsieh
Other Designer's names Ya-Huei Huang
Interior Design Company Herzu Interior Design Ltd.
Photo Credits Moooten Studio,Wu Chi-Min
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Taipei, Taiwan
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Entry Description
Taipei City is not truly placid at the night time.This is a residential space with the large French windows, which naturally possesses the elegant natural light in daytime. As dusk fall, the evening light shines in through the large French window and the luster reflects by the cabinet doors with the material of understated copper gold decorative metal, presenting the alternative night illumination. The blazing two sided fireplace giving the space a pure tranquility and warmth. We did not plan to use the design of environmental illumination to reach the require luminance, but to utilize the structure of space, and material itself as a carrier of the light to enrich the appearance of lighting and the quality of artificial light source. Through the cogitative lighting design, applying linear light source, pendant, spotlight presented as flood light, the perfect brightness ratio gathers together, in order to achieve the purpose of breaking the space boundary, making each space independent but with connectivity.