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Villa Tsukuba

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting
Company Naoi architecture & design office
Lead Designers Katsutoshi Naoi +Noriko Naoi
Other Designer's names Shunsuke Haruta , Akira Honma , Tomo Matsushima
Architecture Company Naoi architecture & design office
Interior Design Company Naoi architecture & design office
Client Private
Photo Credits Hiroshi Ueda,toha
Other Credits sora-niwa
Completion Date 12.2020
Project Location Countryside
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Entry Description

The primary goal of this design was to incorporate abundant views of nature into the living space of the residents, enriching their daily life. The exterior has a simple beauty that blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings. At the same time, its strength sets off the secondary nature (gardens) created by the resident, a landscape designer. The man-made stream running through the front garden plays an important role in linking the residential neighborhood with the surrounding natural environment of Tsukuba.

The lighting design uses only downlights and indirect lighting to illuminate the interiors without drawing attention to the fixtures. Instead of creating a uniform brightness throughout, specific areas are lit independently, bringing shadow and depth to the space.The same approach is applied in the garden, where both light and shadow function as effective parts of a design that seamlessly links the interior, exterior, and beautiful surrounding views.

It is our hope that by integrating the home into the landscape in this way, it will provide an opportunity for community members to become newly aware of the beauty of the surrounding natural environment.
Company Description

We receive a variety of requests from our clients and strive to provide the most functional and durable designs to meet their demands. Our designs are simple and have a universal appeal, yet they don’t adhere to a specific style. In all environments, they evoke a sense of novelty and nature.