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Humen TOD Exhibition Center Lighting Design

Prize(s) Winners in LED Exterior Systems
Company brandston partnership inc
Lead Designers Xin Tian
Other Designer's names Dandan Lin , Xiuduo Huang, Yanghui Zou
Client Poly Bay Area Investment development Co. LTD
Entry Description
Humen TOD Exhibition Center is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

The inspiration of architectural design is from the mobius ring, where the beginning and the end are transformed into each other. The ring is infinitely dynamic, with great visual impact on the architectural contour lines.

The main body of the building is made up of two different transparency materials. The curved edges on the building is harmony with the curves on the ground.

The lighting design considers the characteristics of the architecture itself, and the lighting changes iteratively along with the curves of the building, pursuing the "infinite change" at night. Different lighting methods are adopted for different materials of the building to create a picture mixed of virtuality and reality, lightness and brightness. At the same time, the starry lighting effect of perforated aluminum plate also adds vitality to the whole building.