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SoLo - An Off-Grid Passive House in Soo Valley British Columbia Canada

Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lighting / Residential Lighting
Company Integral Group
Lead Designers Ellie Niakan, Chung Ho
Architecture Company Perkins&Will
Interior Design Company Perkins&Will
Client Delta Land Development - Kirk Robinson
Photo Credits Andrew Latreille - B.Arch (hons) ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHER
Completion Date 2020-10-01
Project Location Soo Valley, Canada British Columbia
Entry Description

The modular timber home building is an off-grid, Passive house, net-zero home. The lighting approach averts from conventional lighting strategies, no wall scones, floor lamps, poles, bollards.
Many areas are illuminated by relying on the warm reflection of light bouncing from the interior materials, particularly the wood.
Due to the complex prefabricated walls/DLT ceiling precise luminaire sizing was required. Wiring routes were installed in prefabricated building chases with zero error tolerance.
Inground and discreet linear ceiling grazers installed on one side of the space emphasize and define the architectural volume. They provide a soft layer of general lighting in the open spaces. Carefully positioned track lights in the steeply sloped ceilings illuminate the artworks on two walls. The light reflecting from the art fills the rest of the space like a gallery eliminating the need for additional luminaires.
The primary circulation corridor is illuminated only by rays of light captured precisely by structure. Their rhythm reinforces the asymmetrical lighting concepts of the interiors. Exterior tree up lights 2700K, carefully placed so the house appears like campfire in the dark.
Company Description

Introba Light Studio provides expert consulting services around all aspects of the luminous environment. We see an inherent link not only between daylighting and electric lighting design, but also between the illuminated environment and all other aspects of the built environment. This integrated mindset reveals connections between lighting, user comfort, human experience, fa├žade design, energy consumption, and system design. Integral Light Studio provides user-centric, aesthetic, and harmonious, yet elegantly efficient and environmentally sound, solutions.