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Student Centre, University College London

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting
Company BDP
Lead Designers Mark Ridler
Other Designer's names Colin Ball, Lora Kaleva
Architecture Company Nicholas Hare
Client University College London
Photo Credits Tom Niven, Alan Williams
Completion Date 2019
Project Location London, UK
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Entry Description

BREEAM Outstanding, with 35% annual CO2 reduction, a saving of 867.5 t CO2 over 25 years. Photocells on the roof are linked to the lighting control system to harness natural light. Presence and absence detection is employed in all rooms to prevent wasted energy. Automatic scene setting scrolls through scenarios throughout the day and evening providing a dynamic lit effect.
A variety of lit environments to suit group working or quiet study are united as a single collective design. The lighting was integrated with the architecture where possible, the luminaire colour temperature chosen to complement the architectural finishes with decorative luminaires breaking up the spaces and introducing colour.
Brick piers frame storey-height glazing allowing the daylight to penetrate upper floors, with solar gain controlled. A base level of 100lx throughout allowed the creation of islands of light coordinated with the work areas, whilst keeping energy consumption to a minimum.
The Japanese Garden integrates lighting in the steps and planters, small spotlights highlight vegetation. Discreet uplights to the columns create a warm glow under the colonnade.
Company Description

BDP is a major international, interdisciplinary practice of architects, designers, engineers, lighting designers and urbanists. Founded in 1961, we employ 1300 people, combining expertise across disciplines, locations, sectors, designing at every scale.
Teamwork, conceptual integrity and sustainability are central to our philosophy and methods. We are market leaders in retail, heritage, leisure, education, libraries, workplace, public realm, art and art galleries, exterior architecture, environmental impact assessments and daylight design.