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Mix Match Life Experience Center at CCD Headquarte

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting
Company Cheng Chung Design
Lead Designers Eric Lee,Jeff Wu,Yu Feng Xiao
Interior Design Company Cheng Chung Design
Completion Date May 2020
Project Location 48F, Shenzhen ICC Tower, No. 168 Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian CBD, Shenzhen, China
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Entry Description
The lighting design is absolutely following the intent and original intention of interior design. Out of the usual sense of office lighting,we try to create a lighting feeling that makes people want to sit down and enjoy the environment of quietness, rather than hustle commercial atmosphere.The hall gleams when the elevator door opens. It's flanked by environmentally friendly bamboo grilles, which help to create a tranquil and elegant ambience and give the space "a sense of time".By thinking out of the box, CCD adopted a mix-and-match design approach to create a cozy, relaxing environment in the coffee bar. This area brings in greenery, outdoor CBD landscape, sunshine,industrial-style elements as well as eye-catching paintings,The lighting design allows each focus to be naturally soft, and coexisting. Under the weak contrast of the light environment, it can also naturally form tension.Like crystal boxes, several conference rooms are cleverly set in the office area.The lighting designer allows the indoor lighting of the meeting room to be transmitted from the inside and extended to the outside, thus fully showing the architectural sense of the crystal box.